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Die Qualität unserer Arbeit schreiben wir groß. Ebenso die gute Integration und Teamfähigkeit unserer Mitarbeiter. Dass dieses Konzept funktioniert, zeigen uns unsere Kunden, die auch für weitere Projekte unsere Mitarbeiter erneut anfordern.

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Abhijit has been instrumental in establishing monitoring dashboards of our project which has helped us tremendously in identifying issues much earlier and thereby reducing customer impact.  His professionalism and the drive to improve the way of working has been commendable. He is quite process oriented and had been helping the entire team as well. He has excellent technical and functional knowledge and moreover, he is committed to work and self-driven. He is an asset to the team.
Thanks for all the excellent work you had been doing for us. Much appreciable.

Reena Thankachan, TechMahindra

Dear Rahul, I am writing to you to express our appreciation to you for all the work you have put into the project. Thank you for being such a great coworker who is willing to help out the team. We appreciate your hard work and dedication, especially now when there are many changes in the team, new joiners to train, it is important to have caring professionals to guide the new people. We truly appreciate the work you put in to meet the timelines and milestones, and are happy to have you on the team, Rahul.

Jaana Seppänen, TechMahindra

Dear Abir,  due to the fact that you are supporting the project and the entire program of XX for more than 1,5 years, I would like to show my appreciation for the value you create.
With the help of your work in XX, we are able to react fast on demands and issues related to the document field. From my perspective you are one of the leading document experts in our program, which can be seen because other Product Owners and even the BO are asking for your input, work and point of view.
By being so proactive with clients and customers you are able to plan, manage and implement topics more than quickly, which ensures a great time2market, high customer satisfaction and enables me to plan document topics really well. Your ability of working in a team is outstanding – you support, ask proactively if help is needed and get in direct communication to colleagues and stakeholders which reduces communication time and the loss of information. Please keep it that way 😊.
Besides your high functional and technical you are a person that is highly respected in XX and by our customers. In addition to that it’s a pleasure working with you, since you are a pleasant companion as well as a nice and polite person.

Robert Glaeser, Allianz

Mayur hat sich schnell in das Projekt eingefunden und dort gute bis sehr gute Leistungen erzielt. Hervorzuheben sind auch die Deutschkenntnisse. Diese waren ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor, da der Kunde auf deutscher Sprache besteht. Die Zusammenarbeit im Team war sehr gut.

Martin Alt, Sulzer GmbH

„Er arbeitet mit großem Engagement und Einsatz, ist offen für Neues und ein Mitgestalter. Die Integration in unser Team ist problemlos.“

Robert Schindler, Unicredit

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